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  1. Wounded First World War soldiers at the Isle of Wight. On the right is Herbert Evans

    Horseman father was wounded in the First World War

    THOUSANDS of men returned from the First World War and were forced to live changed lives because of the wounds they had sustained. Once healthy men were debilitated by bullet, shell and gas, or suffer...


  1. Dean Saunders

    A-Z of West Midlands Football

    SHEFFIELD UNITED played Walsall on the last day of the 1980-81 season at Bramall Lane. Victory for the Saddlers would see them stay in the Third Division; any other result would mean relegation, likew...

    1. Darlaston denied in dying seconds
    2. Midlands football heroes of the 1930s
    3. Fresh-faced Harts Hill footballers of century ago
    4. Do you remember this Wolves great?
    5. A-Z of West Midlands Football

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  1. 134-year-old document saved from the skip

    Above: The Articles of Agreement that could possibly have been hand written with a quill pen. Below: The Alma, a steam engine of the age

    SINCE the birth of the steam engine in the early decades of the 19th century, heavy industrial plants like those found in the Black Country had been keen to use the new transport system as a way to sp...



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    1. Pauline Quirke Academy
      Times: From  Sat, October 12 2013  to  Thu, September 18 2014
      Times: From  Sat, October 12 2013  to  Sat, September 27 2014
    3. Ladies Swimming Lessons
      Times: From  Thu, October 17 2013  to  Sat, September 27 2014
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    5. Punjabi Tots!
      Times: From  Fri, December 13 2013  to  Fri, December 12 2014