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  1. Clive Corbett, left, with Dave Wagstaffe (seated) at a Molineux do, and his friend and fellow fan Richard Chell

    Fifty years since Waggy signed for Wolves

    IT WAS great to read the New Year Day's article on Boxing Day football fixtures fifty years ago (see January 1, 2015 edition). On that very day in 1964 Dave Wagstaffe was signed for Wolves by manager...

  2. Delta Rods FC  at the King George V playing fields, West Bromwich, in September 1975

    Saturday soccer with workmates in the '70s

    ONCE every big employer in the Black Country had its football team. Workmates would meet up on a Saturday at one of the public football pitches in our area or, if they worked for one of the major busi...

    1. Dudley & Cradley HeathFootball League
    2. Warley & DistrictSunday League
    3. Rare drubbing for Darlaston
    4. Generous Sir Jack secretly paid our bill
    5. A-Z of West Midlands Football

News Features

  1. New bridge to cross Black Country river

    Ongoing building work in preparation to construct the new bridge

    THE history of any river is always an absorbing subject to follow, like the great water courses of the Thames, the Severn and the Trent to name but three. But the Black Country possesses probably one ...


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