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  1. Officers of the 5th (Halesowen) Worcestershire Home Guard

    Cradley was first town in UK to have a Home Guard

    BUGLE readers continue to bring us a wealth of fine Home Guard souvenirs and photographs as interest in what our fathers and grandfathers did in the 1.5 million-strong volunteer army is undimmed, 70 y...


  1. Maik Taylor

    A-Z of West Midlands Football

    IAN TAYLOR was a tall, hard-working midfielder who scored 43 goals in 391 League and Cup appearances for Aston Villa whom he served from December 1994 until June 2003.

  2. Graham Webb, left, and Harry Bailey, right

    Brierley Hill footballers named

    READER Harold Hickman has been in touch to name a couple of unidentified players from a photograph we originally published in our April 9 edition, on page 30.

    1. When The Doog was knocked out by a Kindon thunderbolt
    2. Astle at the Woodman and a final goodbye
    3. Tividale still in the Hunt
    4. Cradley cricketers in shirts and ties
    5. Day of surprises as former Wolves man Gerry retires from museum

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