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Faye Gibbons, Emily Bennett and Lauren Moreton received prizes for their WWI projects at St Margaret's at Hasbury Church of England School

Halesowen pupils remember Christmas 1914

PUPILS at St Margaret's at Hasbury Church of England School, Halesowen, have been learning about their ancestors who fought in the First World War in Christmas 1914.


  1. 1st Battalion, the Wocestershire Regiment's First XI

    Dunns Bank Rovers and the Regiment

    A WEDNESBURY Athletic team photograph from 1965, which appeared on page 31 of October 2 edition, has prompted reader Dave Hill to send us these two photographs.

    1. Dudley & Cradley HeathFootball League
    2. Wednesbury wipe out struggling Edwardians
    3. Warley & DistrictSunday League
    4. A-Z of West Midlands Football
    5. Hunt Cup quarter final draw

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