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I'm giving my Walsall Grandfather's prize book to family

By Black Country Bugle  |  Posted: June 14, 2014

  • Grandfather's 100-year-old book, entitled Red Indians, and the Daniel Trask is missing poster

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I AM sending my Grandfather's 100-year-old book, entitled Red Indians, to Maureen and Don Trask and family to enjoy in Canada in July 2014, 100 years to the month when my Grandfather, Cyril Payne, won it as a school prize, aged 10 years in July 1914.

Maureen and Don's son, Daniel Trask, went missing in Temagami National Park, Canada, two and a half years ago now, in November 2011.

Daniel was a great admirer of the Native Indian tribes of North America and I felt that he and the family were natural candidates for this book, even the Walsall History Centre manager agreed.

I came across the plight of Daniel's family in early 2014 on the internet, when I was getting over a serious deep vein thrombosis and leg ulcer which had debilitated me for a while and affected my mobility.

My Grandfather won the book as a school prize in July 1914 and I thought his book would be a fitting tribute to Daniel's interest in the history of the North American native Indians and his love of adventure, which of course made the nations of Canada and the USA what they are today.

I also thought the book would be a lovely gift to his family also.

My wife and I often pray and light a candle every Sunday in church for Daniel's safe return from that great expanse which is Temagami National Park.

My Grandfather became a very skilled carpenter and cabinet maker in the town for many years, bringing up two sons and living most of his life in Prince Street, Pleck, up to 1990, when he died aged 87 years.

His hands made his career, no qualifications in school or diplomas, just a full apprentice and the school of life, somebody Dan would have probably admired and got on with.

July 1914 was the last month where Britain basked in the glory of a total untouched Empire, where Britain truly ruled the waves and where Britain was the manufacturing base for the world, especially the West Midlands and the Black Country.

July 1914 saw England still in a pre-World War One peace and prosperity, where the old England flourished and where the old order was still up and running. Of course on August 4, 1914, that was all to change for ever.

Walsall History Centre has agreed to take my collection of War Illustrated magazines from World War One. So once they have been accepted and are catalogued accordingly, local people will have the chance to go and see these rare records of a bygone age and war.

A war that changed everything for ever and where the loss of the dead still resonates 100 years on in 2014.

Ian Payne.


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  • trasker  |  June 24 2014, 2:43AM

    One time, here is the correct link for MibSAR search page for Daniel http://tinyurl.com/n3v6pwo

  • trasker  |  June 24 2014, 2:39AM

    Oops, here is the correct link for the Ottertooth updates http://tinyurl.com/o8pwou3

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  • trasker  |  June 15 2014, 4:00PM

    Ian and Elizabeth Payne contacted us early in 2014 after hearing about Daniel's disappearance in the Temagami backcountry. Feeling emotionally connected and moved by Daniel's story.Ian wanted us to have their cherished grandfather's book dedicated for Daniel. We are humbled by the warmth and kindness of the Payne family. We have a nephew who is living and teaching in London England who will receive the gift with our sincere thanks. We live in Waterloo Ontario Canada and would not want this precious book to get lost in transit. We lit a candle for Daniel on June 7th for Daniel on his 31st birthday. This gifted book is a fitting present, since Daniel respected the native ways, beliefs, spirituality, and love of nature and life. We continue to search for Daniel and pray this is the year we find him. We are fortunate to have professional help from the MibSAR search team, led by Michael Neiger of Michigan USA. This long range special operations group are skilled "boots on the ground" for searching in this remote and varied terrain area in the Temagami backcountry. "Thanks" again to Ian for this cherished gift and to The Bugle for publishing this story. There is hope and goodness since Daniel went missing. Daniel is bringing us in contact with wonderful folks at all over the globe, we are blessed. With our gratitude, Maureen and Don Trask (Daniel's parents) To learn more about Daniel's case and search efforts, see: MibSAR search page for Daniel http://tinyurl.com/opuspug and Ottertooth updates http://tinyurl.com/o8pwou3

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