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My eardrums have not yet recovered from seeing Slade

By Black Country Bugle  |  Posted: December 09, 2013

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I WAS fortunate to see and definitely hear Slade twice in my 'mis-spent younger days,' (I don't think my eardrums have ever quite recovered)!

My first claim of seeing them perform up front and personal, to coin a phrase, was when they were still in their first flush of stardom.

They were 'skinheads.' Oh yes!, not a whisker nor long strand of hair to be seen or even shared between them! No platforms and definitely no 'screaming' from Noddy Holder.

The 'gig', you see I'm reliving it all over again in my memory box, was held in a local Black Country pub.

Unfortunately, I can't 100% recall its name. It may have been the Haywagon at Lutley Mill, Halesowen, but it is only a guess. I was only 14-15 years of age at the time.

It was all in my make-up to look older; now I'm still trying but in reverse, and I wasn't drinking any alcohol, only Coca Cola.

Slade at that time had hardly any hits of their own under their 'braces', and so they covered other artists of the day's songs.

My most vivid memory was Jim Lea – playing the electric violin, Knights in White Satin made famous by The Moody Blues. It was 'electric' – an amazing piece of playing.

My second vivid 'gig' memory was 2-3 years on when they were really famous and Cum on feel the noize, was definitely in their earth and peace shattering repertoire.

It was held at the Station Hotel, Wolverhampton, the town of their birth.

The function room where they were performing was packed to the rafters and the minute they started playing and singing, with their amplifiers turned up to full volume, the room literally shook and vibrated.

To try and speak was impossible, your voice was immediately transformed into strange Valrato language and the ears were almost bursting with the sound pressure. It was great!

I couldn't hear for days after, but well worth it. Happy days!

I hope Bugle readers will enjoy my Slade memories and 'feel the noize!'

Lynne Parsons,

Ivy Cottage,

Old Worcester Road,

Hartlebury, Worcs.

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