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By Black Country Bugle User  |  Posted: March 23, 2006

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We have former pupil Michael Chilton of Kingswinford to thank for bringing into Bugle House this selection of photographs of the sporting boys of the Sir Gilbert Claughton Grammar School, Dudley. Michael was a pupil there in the early 1960s and these pictures show the junior athletes and footballers.

The school first opened its doors in 1904 when it was known as the Dudley Upper Standard School. In 1907 the school became the Dudley Higher Elementary School and in 1957 it became Dudley’s third grammar school when it became the Sir Gilbert Claughton Grammar School. The school was named after Sir Gilbert Henry Claughton, the Black Country businessman. The son of Dr Claughton, Bishop of St Albans, Sir Gilbert was born in 1856. A relative of the Ward family, he began his career as agent to the Earl of Dudley, and soon became interested in various commercial activities in and around Birmingham and the Black Country. In 1911 he was made chairman of the London and North Western Railway and he was knighted a year later.
When it became a grammar, the school adopted the Latin motto of “Nos quoque tela sparsimus”, which translates into English as “We also scatter shafts”. It was said to be an allusion to the school’s peaceful intentions but warlike capabilities. The school was closed in 1990 and today it is the Sir Gilbert Claughton Centre.
The first picture that Michael has brought to us is of the school athletics team from 1963 and he has done a good job in trying to put as many names to faces as possible. Says Michael:
“I am on the front row with the younger lads. We didn’t really know the older boys so I’m afraid I can’t remember all their names but I’ve got one or two.”
On the front row of the picture, from the left we have: S. Griffiths; Robert Bourne; David Edge; Alan Brown; Michael Chilton; Phil Loach; Anthony Turner; ?; and Kenneth Higgs.
On the second row from left: ?; ?; Phil Bate; Kenneth Sinclair; G. Whettall; R. Whettall; ?; Cliff Harris; and Raymond Haywood.
Third row from left: Mr Thompson; Terry Colley; ?; ?; ?; Smith; ?; ?; ?; Terry Jewkes; W. Vanden Akker; and Mr Kench. Finally, on the back row we have names for, from left: ?; ?; David Weyman; ?; ?; Robin Hawker; ?; ?.
Our next picture is of the school’s football team from the 1965-66 season and the photo was taken in July 1966. On the front row we have, from left: J. Hill; C. Clarke; R. Haywood; C. Watson (Capt); M. Chilton; and R. Beatie. On the back row are: D. Edge; G. Shakespeare; B. Round; T. Colley; and D. Miles.
The other three pictures show Michael Chilton with his classmates year by year. The first photograph dates from 1961 and Michael has been able to supply us with all the names. Starting with the front row we have: R. Bourne; D. Jewkes; R. Hawler; M. Chilton; and D. Beasley. Standing on the back are: Mr Kench; R. Smith; R. Malpas; R. Pardoe; W. Windmill; M. Parkes; and R. Macdougall.
The second picture was taken in March 1962. A few of the names are the same but there are some new faces. On the front row from left are: R. Bourne; K. Higgs; R. Smith; D. Beasley; and T. Washington. Back row from left: Mr Kench; S. Griffiths; M. Chilton: R Haywood; K. Robinson; and A. Brown.
The final picture shows the lads again in 1963. Those sat on the front row are: R. Bourne; A. Brown; R. Smith; M. Chilton; and T. Washington. On the back row we have: R. Edwards; R. Whitehouse; G. Weir; and Mr Thompson.

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