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Pancake Day ideas

By Yasamin  |  Posted: February 08, 2013

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It's only flippin' Pancake Day soon! Mark the 12th February in your diary as the day to put your best crêpe skills to good use. Pancakes are delicious on their own, or with the classic topping of lemon and sugar - but the best thing about them is their versatility. Whether savoury or sweet (or both!) is what you're craving, check out our ideas for fillings, along with a recipe to ensure you have the perfect pancake to fill!

Makes 12-14 pancakes:

- 110g/4oz plain flour

- 2 eggs

- pinch of salt

- 2 eggs

- 200ml/7fl oz milk mixed with 75ml/3fl oz water

- 50g/2oz butter

1- Take a large mixing bowl and using a sieve, sift the flour into it - allowing as much air in as possible.

2- Part the centre of the flour into a hole and break the eggs into it. Whisk the eggs into the flour.

3- As you whisk, gradually start to add in the milk and water mixture. Make sure that all of the flour gets whisked into the mixture.

4- Make sure that the batter has been whisked until it reaches a smooth consistency.

5- Melt the butter in a pan. Use two teaspoons of it to grease the pan and pur the rest into a dish to use later with the rest of the mixture.

6- Let the pan get really hot, and then keep it at a medium heat. Using a ladle, pour the first helping of pancake mixture from the bowl onto the pan.

7- Manoeuvre the pan from side to side to allow the mixture to spread across it. Leave this for around 30 seconds.

8- Use a pallette knife to lift a corner and check if it golden, if so- use the knife to flip it over (or toss it in the pan if you're feeling brave!)

9- Leave the pancake on this side for a few secods, before serving onto a plate.

Savoury pancakes:

Cheese is a great starting point for savoury fillings, as you can add this onto the pancake before taking it off the pan, and it will sumptuously melt into it. Grated cheddar works great with ham and spinach, or bacon and lightly fried onion. For something a little different, you could try goat's cheese with honey, or stilton with mushrooms.

If you're after something a little more exotic, why not try a Mediterranean approach? Roast a selection of vegetables such as aubergine, courgette and red onion, and add to your pancake with a dash of canned tomatoes, and ta-dah! You've got yourself a Mediterranean pancake!

Or why not try a Mexican style pancake, by cramming it with fajita inspired fillings like chicken, peppers, haloumi and spices.

Sweet pancakes:

You can really go to town with sweet fillings. Try thinking about how you can adapt your favourite desserts into pancakes. Use diced banana, condensed milk, melted chocolate and whipped cream to make a banoffee pancake. Crushed up digestive biscuits and rhubarb makes rhubarb crumble pancake, or use a dash of amaretto liquer, a sprinkle of sugar, and a handful of glacé cherries to make a cherry bakewell inspired pancake. Berries are always a great filling, and are great accompniments to vanilla ice-cream (let it melt onto the pancake), add blueberries, raspberries and strawberries, and maybe some jam for a summer flavour.

So try something different with your pancakes this year! If you take any pictures of your pancake creations- we would love to see them! Send them to staffordshirenewspapers@gmail.com.

Have you got a favourite filling? Let us know in the comments box below.

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