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One ‘appy family at St Andrews!

By Black Country Bugle User  |  Posted: October 20, 2005

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‘Ow bin yer mate?

It’s nice ter see spotless clane plairces anytime in my book. Wen yo step in St Andrews cherch, Carters Green, Bramwich yo’le notice it strate away. It’s near the big clock, which ull be put back an ‘our soon woh it? I popped in th’uther Monday nite fer a chat wi’ the 4th West Bromwich Boys Brigade un Girls Association. They cud dew wi’ moore yung uns joinin em un they cudn’t dew a better thing.
I tell yer they’m a lively little grewp lernin ter be positive in mind un body. Any road up the 4th Brigade wuz formed in August 1982 at Swan Village Methodist cherch. Like lots uv ode buildins that’s bit the dust un they mewved up the road ter their present H.Q.
Founder Captin Margaret Morgan lives at ‘Ill Top un er’s a cornerstoone alrite. This lady is the welfare officer fer Sandwell Education in skewls around Wednesbury. Oh ar’ I must menshun the 4th am part uv the Sandwell un Mid Staffs Battalion. If yoh wuz in Tamworth on Sunday October 2nd the Battalion wuz on parade theer. Captin Margaret as bin a Sunday skewl taycher forty ‘ears now, which is outstandin contribushun ay it aer’kid?
“It’s a lot of hard work but we keep going” she reflected.
The monday nite meetins am fer the juniors 8 ter 15 un Tuesdays fer Anchor boys un gerls 5 ter 8 ‘ears uv erge. “Wot activities dew they get ter occupy their time?” Well, they’m awarded various badges fer fust aid competishuns un gairms. Since England beat Australia in the Ashes Test matches this summer cricket as becum really popular wi’ yungsters evrywheer. That’s wot TV con dew mate ay it? I bet the Boys Brigade, Scouts un similar organizershuns ud welcum a menshun on TV ter ‘elp boost their numbers unall. The 4th ‘ave quizzes, wikends away, un general activities ter bond teamwerk.
Lieutenant Paul Bishton un ‘is dorter Laura live at Milkin Bank, Lower Gornal, soo they’m keen. Paul’s wife Jane is ‘elper wen possible. Paul wuz tellin me they enjoy playin badminton un swimmin at Dudley Leisure Centre. Ten ‘ears ode Laura is a pupil at Milkin Bank skewl; she likes ‘istory un cricket un er’s got ‘amster called Lily!
Ow about this then, thirteen ‘ears ode Dean Hillman ‘as got a dog, three cats, tew rabbits un a goldfish. ‘E goz ter Wodensborough Community un Technical College, Wednesbury.
Fifteen ‘ears ode Daniel Lloyd attends Wodensborough unall un ‘e plays the kayboord. Mark Walters is a Albion supporter un ‘e goz ter the Blue Coat skewl, Walsall.
Little Ravi Soni, nine ‘ears ode, is in the choir at All Saints skewl, Bramwich. ‘E sung "Be Bold Be Strong" un got a real gud clap I tell yer. We doh want ter ‘ear about yobs all the while, theer’s plenty gud yungsters about, mek no misterk.
They’ve got sum nice pikchers ung up uv stained glass winders they’ve painted.
Nicky Walters, “the tea lady”, is sixteen un plays in the Blue Coat, Walsall netball team. It’s gud ter see yung people playin sports rather than watchin ay it?
Warrant officer Christine Lloyd werks in Ingrams Pharmacy, Carters Green. Diane Siviter is a warrant officer unall who woh never be out uv werk I shudn’t think. ‘Er lives at Winchester Road, Bramwich un werks on advice fer revenues un benefits.
Gooin back, it wuz nice ter see Boys Brigade Bands un Scouts Bands leading church un chapel anniversaries. Them Sunday mornins in spring am nice memries.
They’m one ‘appy family wot I con gather mate at St Andrews. The reverend Mike Claridge ‘as bin theer tew ‘ears now. ‘E wuz tellin me ‘e wuz born near the fermus ode finger post at Pelsall, near Walsall. A lot uv tourists from abroad ‘ave ‘ad their fotoe took by that. Mike is the stadium announcer at Telford Utd F.C., by the “Buck’s Yed” pub, Wellington. They con dew wi’ all the support they con get - the sairm uv the Boys Brigade.
Oh ‘ar the Boys Brigade wuz founded way back in 1883. William Smith wuz the founder in Glasgow. That’s why they wear the Glengarry military ‘ats uz part uv their yewniform. They doh ‘ave a flag in the way Scouts dew, they ‘ave Cullers fer ayche troop. Their badge is a golden anchor on a Red Geneva Cross flanked by gold letter “B’s”. Sure and Steadfast is their motto in this “Christian yewth organizershun”.
I admire the loyal un dedicated people who werk ard ter keep the Scouts un Boys Brigade gooin. Soo that’s about it, if yoh con ‘elp in any way un live round Carters Green, get weavin. Wen kids get ode they ‘ave memries ter look back upon. Put sumut wuth while inter life un the reward is ‘appy memries.
Keep out th’oss road that’s the kay!.... H.H.

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